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Solar Panels for Homes

As one of the fastest-growing energy suppliers in the UK, Ampower is proud to have teamed up with Moixa, a nationwide provider of smart energy products. The partnership with Moixa means that smart battery solutions will now be available to all domestic and commercial customers. Solutions can be teamed up with solar panels for home or business use, alongside electricity plans, to boost efficiency and save money.

Commercial Solar Panels

Opting to install commercial solar panels enables property owners to take full advantage of the daylight hours, in order to produce free electricity. Through using solar panels alone, up to 50% can be saved on energy bills.

Solar panels remain the most effective investment for those who strive to build a sustainable future, taking a more energy-efficient approach. They provide all-year power generation, meaning that individuals will be no longer affected by problems such as a power cut. Panels also come alongside a 25-year performance guarantee, meaning property owners can be assured with quality.

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Commercial Solar Panel

Smart Battery

While solar panels are most definitely a worthwhile investment, without storage, excess solar energy can be wasted. A smart battery is a fantastic way to store all unused solar energy until you next require power. Therefore, maximising usage and reducing your carbon footprint.

Investing in a smart battery will help to lower energy bills even further through the use of integrated Moixa GridShare software. The software not only evaluates your home’s energy profile but also generates a personalised charging plan. Together, energy is optimised to save money for your household. All information on your smart battery, along with energy usage, can be easily tracked using the Moixa smartphone app and dashboard.

Those interested in a smart battery can schedule for devices to be fitted to their existing solar panels. A range of flexible payment options are available based on requirements.

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Moixa Smart

Customer Testimonial

"After researching lots of different smart battery providers, Ampower most definitely stood out from the crowd from the very beginning. The team had so much knowledge on how we could make the most out of our solar power. Our only regret is that we didn’t contact Ampower sooner!"