It has come to light that the Uk has recently announced £279 million of new investment to help diminish and solve some of the global issues we have been facing. These issues include ocean pollution, climate change and even clean mobility.

What is the UK investing in?

The money that is being invested into these global issues is being split across 28 different projects. One project aims to bring both researchers and local communities together to help keep our oceans sustainable and free from pollution, which is being run by the University of Strathclyde.

Other projects being invested in include the innovation of eco-friendly packaging, which is something many supermarkets are now trying to get involved in. In 2018, single-use plastic became a thing of the past and people worked harder to rid their lifestyles from packaged produce.

It is evident that the UK is now working harder and collaboratively to ensure our world is becoming a better place. Researchers and innovators are working closely to address important issues the world faces.

renewable energy

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is always on the up, with it expected to increase in 2019 by 10%. With more innovation and creation going into how we can implement renewable energy into businesses we hope that in the next ten years we can eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

Business will end up spending less on business electricity plans and can spend more on innovating within and working on internal processes. Energy companies are also looking at ways they can incorporate renewable energy into their energy plans. 24.2% of Ampowers fuel mix comes from renewables, and we are making a conscious effort to use it more.

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