Our Chief Finance Officer Sri is under the spotlight this month and has taken the time to answer all of our questions, read on to find out all about him!

1. Can you give us a two sentence bio about yourself?

I hold a degree in computing and has professional certifications. I’m a highly self-motivated individual with a goal to expand my knowledge base to help me improve my efficiency along my career path.

2. What do you do at Ampower on a daily basis?

Place systems, processes & controls at each level of revenue & expenses. Assisting in structuring to mitigate the risk of cash flow or creating commercial exigencies at a later date.

3. What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love analysis, financial analytics part of my job allows me to pour over data and see patterns and opportunities for improvement. I don’t think there’s anything more satisfying than solving the problems and then using the solution to increase efficiency.

4. What advice were you given in your career that has stuck with you?

Planning ahead. Lack of planning can be costly, both professionally and existentially, while having an agenda provides a metric for evaluating success.

5. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I don’t have any in particular, but I was mostly fascinated about planes and cars.

6. How do you relax when you’re not at work?

Spending time with family & friends, knowing about new trades and technologies.

7. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

The growth of the team and the creation of employment opportunities, I make it a priority to create a healthy ecosystem for my employees and I am in the fortunate position along with my wife, to be able to keep growing the team and adding ever more industry and technology experts.

8. What is your most treasured possession?

A small red car gifted by my parents when I was a kid, which runs with pleasant unique sound and still it runs the way it is.

9. Tell us something different about yourself?

I enjoy art and can spend hours on drawing board.

10. Summary

Benign part of Ampower to build a successful business, overcome new challenges with right approach and techniques. I also value the peace and focus that I’ve gained through my efforts to continuously improve.

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