There are many reasons why we should become greener, helping the environment and ensuring we don’t change the climate too much for our future generations. So there are a few small things we can use to improve our lives and help us become greener. Solar power is a fantastic way of channelling energy from the sun to power our day-to-day electrical products. Solar powered gadgets also don’t have to be expensive, so we have devised a list of our top nine gadgets.

Solar powered gadgets you must have!

You will be thankful after reading this list of our solar powered gadgets. You might just find that they are extremely convenient and can be used anywhere. A lot of the products we discuss can be within your price range apart from the solar powered car. However, each gadget is fun and quirky and will help you become greener.

Solar powered phone charger

We all know what its like when you have a busy day, and your phone battery slowly dies throughout the day. Nowadays no one can be without their phone its what you do all your day-to-day stuff on, we socialise, connect via email an social media and also use it to contact via calls and text. You might also find that while you’re on the move, there is no power socket in sight to plug your phone into so have you ever thought of taking power from the sun? There are a variety of different solar powered phone chargers on the market, however, all will power your devices with free renewable energy. You can purchase a solar powered portable device charger from Handy Straps for less than £10. You can also read another helpful article by the Independent on the eight best solar mobile chargers.

phone charging


If you are always on the go you can purchase a solar powered portable speaker there great for people who love to play their music out loud but don’t want to be restricted by the wired that come with standard speakers. Even though you may think portable speakers have been around for a long time, you still have to charge them through a wire and power socket. A solar powered speaker is completely free from being plugged into the mains. Solar Bluetooth speakers allow you to have a constantly available source of power from the sun. Once charged, a lot of the Bluetooth solar speakers on the market will hold a full charge for longer than 6 hours. Indiegogo offers a solar powered waterproof portable charger which is perfect for when your on the go or going on an expedition.

Back Packs

Solar powered backpacks are great for outdoor pursuits, many of them are made from durable, lightweight fabric, and most of them are waterproof so you can put it through its passes. Many of the backpacks have high efficiency with a transfer rate of 22%. You may think that a lot of these bags will be heavy due to the panel, but you may be surprised that they are very lightweight.

solar panel backpack

Outdoor lighting

There are many options for outdoor lighting; solar powered lights are the perfect addition to your garden. They turn on as soon as the sun goes down and restore all energy when the sun comes back out. There are a variety of different styles available to you, and as Christmas is coming up, you may want to think about how much energy you will be using by having all your lights powered through your plugs.


It is recommended that we brush our teeth twice a day, so you must constantly need to charge your electric toothbrush. You want to get the most out of your toothbrush and ensure you have an adequate clean. The travel-friendly Soladey Ion5 Ionic Toothbrush has a small solar strip at the base of the toothbrush that allows only the light from your bathroom to power it through each of your daily cleaning sessions, while still providing a thorough clean.

Bike Locks

There are now solar powered bike locks on the market; this is one of the most futuristic gadgets out of the lot. Allowing owners to lock their bike using their smartphone, they have a bunch of different security features that can alert the owner when the lock is being tampered with or inform the police if you are in an accident while riding your bike.


Solar power is great for those of you who love to have a weekend away camping or some might prefer glamping. However, you can now purchase tents featuring solar panels. The tents soak up the sun during the day then allow themselves to aluminate during the darker evening, stops you hobbling around with a torch trying to find everything. Its also perfect for those of you that enjoy festivals as you only have to bring the tent, no need for any extras such as torches.


For many years we have been waiting for a solar powered car, well Ford has been working to create the perfect solar powered car. Ford uses a solar concentrator lens on the top of the vehicle to trap the sunlight working like a magnifying glass to concentrate solar power and provide a hybrid benefit without having to plug the car in.

woman laying on the grass listening to headphones


Using Bluetooth, you can listen to your music through wireless headphones. So all that running on the treadmill won’t be interrupted by dangling wires. You also never have to worry about charging the headphones again. They hold a strip at the top of the headphone, which draws, in the natural light allowing it to recharge the internal battery.


Many of the solar powered gadgets discussed can be used on a day to day basis, and you may find you benefit from them a lot more than you would using a product that uses the mains to recharge. You never have to worry about trying to find a plug to charge your devices. Headphones, phone chargers and backpacks are all perfect for running around during your busy lifestyle. You can continue your day with no fuss.

While looking into using solar powered gadgets is only a small part of helping the environment you may also want to consider looking into renewable energy sources for your home energy plan. You will be surprised at just how much money this could save you.

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