It may not feel like it yet, but it is now transitioning into spring, so it’s about time for preparing your home for spring. Spring is a fantastic time to make a few adjustments to your home to make it perfect for the summer month. Here at Ampower we love getting spring ready, so we’re going to share with you a few of our tips.

Preparing your home!

There are a few home improvements you can make during the spring which can add a significant amount of value to your home as well as making it look more appealing. During the winter months, you may experience damage to your home that needs fixing and what better time than to do it in spring before the summer months start. You may also want to think about spring cleans, garden improvements and exteriors. All of which are great for improving the aesthetics of your home but also making you feel good as the summer comes in. Check out our few preparation tips to make your home a more relaxing place.

Pick up a paint brush

Spring is a great time of year to crack out the paintbrush to do any redecorating or touch up jobs. It is normally the perfect temperature along with weather to paint. Get the family and friends involved as it will be something you can all enjoy in the summer when your home is looking pristine and fresh. It will allow you to feel more confident in inviting people over for BBQ’s.

Home Painting

Spring clean

Cleaning your home is not only great for getting rid of old things but is also good for the soul preparing you for summer. Decluttering your home makes it less stressful when it comes to trying to fit all your belongings in one place. It also helps during the summer months when you want to chill; you don’t have to spend hours cleaning your home.

Decluttering your home has also been proven to boost energy levels and make you more creative. It also allows you to have more time to focus on more important aspects of your home such as home improvements.

Make sure the barbeque is clean and ready for use, as the weather gets slightly warmer us Brits will do anything to get the BBQ going, so don’t wait until summer to clean it. Have it ready and raring to go, this will also be an excuse for you to invite family and friends over.

White Kitchen

Home improvements

If you are thinking of doing any home improvements we recommend installing large windows from Click Glazing. Its a simple way of uplifting your living space but can also help in reducing your electricity plans for homes. The reason for the reduction in home energy bills it will allow for more light in your home meaning you do not have to keep your lights on during daytime hours.

You might want to think about installing solar panels; these can also be great for reducing your home energy bills. They are also becoming increasingly popular and can add value to your home when it comes to selling your property. If you are thinking about installing solar panels we recommend looking at The Renewable Energy Hub.



Over the harsh winter months, we can experience extreme weathers here in the UK, so its important as spring comes in you maintain the exterior of your property. Check all seals around window and doors as these can be affected and will let not only the warm air from your home out but also when it comes to summer months let the warm air into your home. Expanding foam tape is a great way to prevent this from happening we recommend getting it from

Refresh home furnishings

While this may not be for everyone, changing decor is a great way of making your home feel more summery. We recommend bringing in more neutral colours; it will make your rooms feel bigger than they actually are.

Other colours such as yellows and bright greens work well during the spring/summer months. This can be done through soft furnishings and bring in flowers.

We also recommend thinking about refreshing your bedding; this is a great way of brightening up a room or bringing colour in. It can also be a great way of motivating you to make the bed in the morning.

Bring in new scents into your home, now that Christmas is over you should think about removing the mulled wine and cinnamon candles to replace them with fresh laundry scents or something more citrusy. Clean cotton from Yankee Candle is perfect for making your home smell continuously fresh and clean.

Fresh Candles


Your garden may have taken a harsh hit from the winter weather, so spring is the best time to think about landscaping your garden. We always say don’t shout until May is out, meaning while it may not be ready for you to plant anything until may you can think about rearranging the garden to suit your desired requirements. Pressure washing your decking, patio and walkways, to make them look fresh and new.


While all of these steps may not be necessary, they are all great for making you feel good as the summer comes. Spring cleaning is a great way to blow out the cobwebs; you can get rid of old clothes and furniture that have been hogging space for months, once you have done it you will reap the benefits as you’ll feel more relaxed and calm at home.

Home improvements are a great thing to do during the spring months, the last thing you want to be doing in the summer is home improvements as you would rather be spending it chilling in the garden enjoying the short British summer.

Exteriors can significantly be affected by the bad weather so now is the time to think about fixing them. We always recommend roping in family and friends to help, reducing the workload will allow you to work on other parts of your home.

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