Electric vehicles are what some are calling the future in motoring. There are a number of car brands now making a range of electric cars which will help with the reduction of CO2 emissions such as Nissan, Volkswagen, BMW and Tesla. Governments within the European Union are now pledging for vehicle manufacturers to start making low emissions vehicles. Read in to learn all about electric vehicles and why they are so beneficial to the planet.

Find out all about electric vehicles

Technology is rapidly developing meaning the evolving electric cars we are now seeing on the roads today. Now there have been a few made; you can now purchase a range of designs from some of the worlds top car brands.

How do electric cars work?

Rather than having a fuel tank in which the vehicle runs from, electric cars have an onboard battery which charges through an electric supply. The electricity is stored and used to power the electric motor. By having an electric motor, this means the vehicle does not need a clutch nor does it require a gearbox. As the vehicle does not emit any fumes, it also does not need an exhaust pipe. This means that the car is not only more eco-efficient, but it is also quieter and smoother to drive.

On a full charge, an electric vehicle can run on average around 248 miles before it requires a recharge. While this may not be as far as you can travel in a petrol or diesel car, all journeys are easily accomplished. As stated by the Department of Transport 94% of journeys taken by the British public are under 25 miles.

man charging ev

What are the different types of electric cars?

There are only three main types of electric vehicles you can purchase. They include:

  • Conventional hybrids – much like a Toyota Prius, the vehicle not only has an electric motors but also has a petrol tank.
  • Plug-in hybrids – a bit like the conventional hybrids they still require a petrol tank as well as an electric motor, however, it can still be charged (plugged in) and will run for a short period time on the electric power.
  • Battery electric vehicles – these vehicles run solely on electric power. There is now a range of these vehicles on the market from some of the biggest names in the manufacturing industry such as Tesla.

Why should I buy an electric vehicle?

There is a range of reasons to why you should consider purchasing an electric car. One of the biggest benefits to not only yourself but also the world is that electric vehicles are much more environmentally friendly. While they are still not completely green as they use electricity to power them, they are far more eco-friendly. Electric cars release fewer emissions which mean there is less pollution.

It will cost you less to operate the vehicle, the cost of recharging a vehicle is significantly less than filling your car up with fuel. They are also cheaper for you to maintain if you are ever to have a problem with the vehicle the parts a mechanic car fix them easily. This is because there are fewer parts in an electric car in comparison to a petrol or diesel vehicle.

Electric cars are safe to drive; this is something many people have worried about. Every electric vehicle undergoes the same rigorous testing to ensure the car is fit to be on the road.

How and where do you charge an electric car?

Here in the UK charging points are now becoming more readily available and easier to access. It may seem different at first as there are no distinct stations for you to charge your vehicle like you would petrol or diesel based engine.

Most vehicles charge using a simple electricity socket much like those you use at home to plug in your television or hoover. The speed of the charge will depend on the type of vehicle you have and also the power supply in which it is connected to. We would highly recommend taking a look at your current energy plan to ensure you are getting the best electricity supply for your home. This way you will not be overcharged for electricity and will only pay for what you’re consuming.

electric car at charging point

Lifestyle changes

When you have an electric vehicle, there are a few lifestyle changes you will need to make to get the best out of the car. Many public charging points are privately owned by companies which means you may have to become a member to use them. We also recommend taking a look at Zap Map, it is a downloadable application which helps you locate your nearest charging point.

You will need to think about how far your electric vehicle can take you before you take off for long car journeys. If you are going to go on a long car journey, we recommend taking a look at a stop off point in which you can effectively charge your car.

What car brands have electric cars?

There are a range of car manufacturers that now make electric vehicles they include:

  • Nissan – the Nissan leaf was one of the first mass-produced electric cars to go on sale here in the UK.
  • Volkswagen – in the same style as its other models such as the Golf and Polo. The e-Golf is it’s new plug-in hybrid!
  • BMW – the BMWi provide a premium quality along with better running costs.
  • Tesla – are renowned for providing luxurious and fast cars, well they have most certainly got this in the new Tesla model S.
  • Hyundai – one of the best family electric cars the Hyundai Ioniq is great value for money.
  • Smart – one of the smallest cars to hit the market in recent years is the smart car. You now have the option of either fuel or electric.
  • Toyota – the prius is one of the most popular vehicles within the electric car range. Quiet and inexpensive it is one of the best choices out there.


Here at Ampower, we love electric vehicles; they are great for the environment along with helping reduce CO2 Emissions. When electric vehicles first came out, you were less likely to see charging points; there are now so many on the road charging points are easily accessible. Take Milton Keynes town centre for example, around the shopping centre there are dedicated parking spaces for those who have an electric car.

There are many benefits to electric cars including the overall running cost, while it may seem a little expensive to first purchase you will reap the rewards in the future. They are cheaper to fill up with electricity but are also far cheaper to fix if you have any mechanical problems as they have less internal parts.

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