Climate change is something we hear about often, but not many of us fully understand the impact of climate change over the past century. The consistent growth in population has lead to an increase in the consumption of goods and products which has, therefore, lead to a further rise in the number of pollutants released into the atmosphere.

The impacts of climate change

Climate change is already having a dramatic difference on the weather each continent faces. Glaciers in the north pole have shrunk, ice on lakes, reservoirs and rivers is breaking up months before it should. Animals are shifting across the world when they should have been staying in their winter location and plants are blooming at different times in the year.

Some of the most predicted changes to the planet over the past 100 years are starting to come true and rather than being a prediction have become a reality. Loss of sea ice is becoming more common, sea levels are rising much quicker and as a result, is lasting longer, and the world is witnessing more heat waves in countries that would not have necessarily received this kind of weather.

According to Nasa over the last 650,000 years there have been over 7 cycles of glacial difference including advance and retreat. The world experienced the last ice age over 7,000 years ago which has allowed human civilisation to thrive and grow therefore leading to climate change.

glacial melting

Climate change will not disappear

Global temperatures have risen significantly over the last century and have sped up even more so in most recent years. A global problem we face is the amount of carbon dioxide which is released into the atmosphere. By burning fossil fuels for our energy and destroying forests, we are causing the greenhouse effect which is effectively trapping heat into the planet and is warming the earth a lot faster than it would naturally happen.

To reduce these greenhouse gases and the increasing rate of carbon dioxide, the only thing we as humans can do is reduce the number of fossil fuels we use to create energy.

As a result of the greenhouse gas affect the US National Oceanic, and Atmospheric Administration confirmed that back in 2016, it was the hottest year around the world since temperature records began 137 years ago. Since 2016 this record has also been broken three years in a row which puts into perspective how carbon emissions are affecting the planet.

nuclear power

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy are made from those that have formed through a natural process which will over time naturally replenish. Renewables are great for the environment and are becoming much more popular around the world. These energy sources include:

  • Sunlight
  • Wind
  • Tides
  • Water
  • Geothermal Heat
  • Biomass

Fossil fuels are widely used across the world which come from finite sources; these are the types of materials that will eventually run out and take thousands of years to renew. Not only are they going to run out if we continue to use them at the rate of which we currently are, but they are also extremely bad for the environment.

How can we help climate change?

The ever-growing population of earth will always mean there will be some form of climate change. However, there are ways in which we can help towards reducing the number of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

Green energy is an excellent way of doing so, all forms of renewable energy have a very low impact on the environment. Unfortunately not every country has the capacity to create their own energy which means they heavily rely on others to be able to produce their nation’s electricity and gas. By using renewables, countries can now become energy independent which means more control over not only the pricing but also the availability.

As well as green energy there are other ways you can help towards reducing your carbon footprint which will not only make you more eco-friendly but will also reduce the amount of money you spend. Make sure when it comes to energy consumption you are using energy wisely, make a couple of changes around your home such as energy-efficient light bulbs.

Forms of renewable energy

Home appliances are energy hogs, and almost every home in the UK now has one. They make our lives so much easier. However, they do waste a significant amount of energy being on. When the weather is nice why not put your washing out to dry rather than using the tumble dryer. To use your tumble dryer for an hour every day will cost you over £127.75 for the year.

Reduce shower time, it takes a lot to heat up the water for a shower, and it can cost you a considerable amount depending on the length of your shower. For the whole family to shower every day for 365 days you could be looking at spending over £1036.60, so not only are you wasting a lot of money. Your long hot showers are also having a dramatic effect on the environment.

Switching energy providers is also a great way of helping out with climate change. Look for electricity plans for homes which have a part of their fuel mix coming from renewable energy.


For those people that are not directly affected by the weather changes in climate change, they may not be aware of the health effects of global warming. People living with Asthma will be most affected by the increase of CO2, it cuts off the oxygen supply for breathing. Being exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide can cause a wide range of symptoms including:

  • Lung congestion
  • Central Nervous System Injury
  • Elevated Blood Pressure
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Muscular Contractions

Climate Change

The UK is currently doing its bit to work towards reducing greenhouse gases. You can find out more information about the Climate Change Act 2008 by visiting

If you want the planet to be a safe place to live which will thrive in years to come why not try and help out by reducing your carbon footprint. Renewable energy is an excellent way of the planet reducing carbon emissions you can read more about the advantages of renewable energy over on our blog.

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