Everyone loves to try and save as much energy as possible, but do you really know how to save energy during the summer months? Here we tell you our top energy saving tips for summer.

What are the best energy saving tips for summer?

There is a range of inexpensive and simple actions you can take in and around your home to save both energy and money during the summer months. While we may not have long hot summers, we do get a fair few days where we need to keep our homes as cool as possible. Some of the tips mentioned are free and can be used in your day-to-day life. However, we also have a few tips that only cost a few pounds but can help you minimise the overall cost of your energy bills.


Windows are great for keeping the heat in during the winter and trapping the cool air during the summer months. If you are struggling to cool the house down during the summer, we recommend opening the windows if it is safe to do so. Many new windows now have safety lock mechanisms which allow you to lock them open.

Keeping the sun out of your home can be tricky especially if you like the natural light. One of the best ways to keep your home cool when you are not in the house it to close all of the curtains.


If you are currently working with a manual thermostat and still keep your heating on during the summer months for the late nights and early mornings we highly recommend taking a look at an automatic thermostat. Nest thermostat is a great way of tracking your heating usage, it also helps you create a schedule best suited to you and your home.

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On average there are two appliances many people leave running while they are outside the home, their tumble dryer and dishwasher. Not only do they generate a fair amount of heat themselves but they are also using a significant amount of energy. If you are thinking about using your tumble dryer why not utilise the warm weather and hang the clothes outside to try. According to Confused About Energy every time you use your tumble dryer it cost you around 38p. If you do want to use your tumble dryer, we highly recommend using it only when there is a full load of washing.


We understand during the summer months you are more likely to want to take nice long showers after being hot and sticky all day. You still can take a rather lengthy shower, however, by turning the temperature down, you will save a considerable amount of energy as you are not having to heat the water. If you want to go that bit further when saving energy, simply cut down on your shower time. Rather than taking a 10-15 minute shower try and take a 5-minute shower. One of the best ways to time yourself in the shower is by playing music; you can time the length of the song with how long you are in the shower. If you haven’t already we highly recommend purchasing a Blue Bluetooth Splashproof Speaker, so you can listen to your music freely.

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Light bulbs

During the summer months, the likelihood of using a lot of energy for lighting is slim, as the summer days last longer. Choose energy-saving light bulbs; fluorescent bulbs use less energy in comparison to normal light bulbs. They also emit a brighter light and last a much longer. If you would like more information regarding which light bulbs to purchase we highly recommend reading Energy Saving Trust Article on Energy saving light bulbs.

Solar energy

You can utilise the sun as much as possible during the summer months through the use of solar energy. Solar panels are one of the best ways to create cost-effective ways of generating your own electricity. If you would like to know more about the best solar panels for your home we recommend taking a read of Why Are Solar Panels in the UK a Great Option.

There are also a number of solar gadgets you can invest in to help your home save energy. Solar garden lights are a great investment if you are going to be spending your evenings in the garden having BBQ’s.

MacroBoom is another tremendous solar gadget if you are thinking about taking a few trips out with the family or are simply looking for an excellent speaker to play music in the garden we highly recommend taking a look at this gadget.

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Trying to cook in the kitchen when the weather is gloriously hot outside can be challenging. Not only does the kitchen get hot when you cook in it but there is an abundance of kitchen appliances which produce a vast amount of heat, in fact, with each appliance in use as well as the use of your stove or oven, you could experience a 10-degree heat difference. To save yourself overheating and the expense of electricity plans for homes and residential gas plans, try using your barbeque or microwave where possible. Using a microwave only uses a third of the energy your oven would and will also produce a faction of heat. Using the barbeque is also another great way for you and your family to get out the kitchen. Enjoy the summer weather and enjoy time with the family while you cook. There are so many different things you can cook on the barbeque; we recommend taking a look at BBC Good Food for great barbeque recipes.

Why try to save energy through the summer

Saving energy is a big part of most peoples lives not only is it great for the environment, but it is also good for saving yourself a few penny’s. If you would like to save money on your home energy plans why not get in touch with a dedicated member of the Ampower team.

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