Have you noticed over the past couple of years there has been some wacky and wonderful electrical beauty and grooming tools around? There is a range of these tools that you can now bring into your beauty regime, but we bet you don’t know just how much energy you could possibly be using. We are going to tell you our top energy saving beauty hacks that may also save you a few pounds.

What beauty hacks are you using?

There are so many different beauty hacks out there for saving you money and time but have you ever thought about beauty hacks that could reduce your energy consumption. We have come up with a few you might want to implement into your daily routines to help save the planet. Hairstyling and beauty regimes are one of the main aspects of every women’s daily routine, we have taken a couple of these energy saving beauty hacks and actually found it does help with our energy consumption, we have found we get ready quicker and we are thinking more about how much energy we are using.

Hair dryers

Are you using a hair dryer to dry your locks a couple of times a week for up to 10-15 mins? You might be surprised, but this is one of the biggest energy users when it comes to beauty gadgets. We recommend using your hair dryer on the coolest setting, yes it might be a little chilly at first but having the heated setting on your hair dryer is what uses the biggest energy draw. If you have the choice to consider using a lower wattage hair dryer. If you have times in the morning you may also want to think about drying your hair naturally, which will make your hair healthier as well as the environment.

Girl Blow Drying Hair

Hair straighteners

Most women understand the need for a straightener in the home; you never know when you might have one of those days you wake up with a mop of hair you cant do anything with. Straighteners are not the most power hungry beauty tool you may have in your home however they still do use a fair bit of energy.

A lot of us tended to leave our straighteners plugged into the mains but switched off, while you may think that the electricity isn’t being used you are mistaken. The power still runs which can actually ruin the longevity of your straighteners, but over time you may also find that they don’t get as hot as they previously did.

When taking into consideration energy efficiency, you may want to think about straighteners that have an automatic shut of, as well as saving you money on your energy bill it is also a great safety feature. There are clever hair straighteners in the market like GHD have a sleep mode on straighteners that turn off after 30 minutes.

Washing your hair

Washing your hair is one of the nicest feelings, soft silky clean locks are perfection. However, we bet you don’t realise how much energy you are using and how much damage you could be causing your hair by washing it so often. Many people tend to wash their hair daily or every other day which can add a further five minutes to your showering time. You can only imagine how much water you could possibly be wasting. What many people don’t realise is you can train your hair to only need washing twice a week. Washing your hair daily makes your hair more oily, as you are washing the natural oils away so often your hair will simply replenish them. These natural oils are great for your hair; they help it grow quicker, give it more natural shine and stop your scalp from getting sore and dry. Not only does this save you energy but it saves your hair as well as your time. You won’t have to style your hair as often, and there are so many hairstyles you can now go to when your hair is slightly greasy.

Women Washing Hair

Washing your makeup brushes

Many of us ladies have a tendency to clean our brushes often and leave the tap running. We also use a vast amount of hot water to do so, which is a significant waste of energy. There is a range of products you can now use to stop the waste of hot water when cleaning your brushes. The StylPro Makeup brush cleaner and dryer from Boots cleans and dries your make up brushes in minutes. All you need is a little bit of antibacterial soap and a splash of water.

Natural light

Are you one of those people that have a light up mirror? Do you have a window in your bedroom or bathroom? Something that many of us do is sit in front of a mirror with great lighting so we can see every aspect of our makeup routine, you believe they give you the best lighting to see your highlighter pop. Well, natural light is better! If you haven’t, already we recommend sitting in front of the window with your mirror. Have you ever thought your makeup looks flawless when using a lit up mirror to walk outside in the natural light to find a foundation streak? Nothing will give you a more accurate glimpse that natural lighting.

Two Girls Applying Makeup

Multi task

While drying or straightening, your hair do you leave your TV or laptop on? When multitasking you should think about how much energy you are possibly using, we recommend turning off your TV when drying your hair because you are most likely unable to hear it anyway. Using multiple products at once will use a considerable amount of energy, and you will want to minimise this as much as possible.


All of these beauty tips will help you reduce your energy consumption but also improve your energy bills. Not only will many of them save you a fair few pound but it could also make you a healthier person. We recommend making a few of these changes at the start of the month, and if you have a smart meter, you can cross-reference it to your electricity supply for your home to see if you’ve saved any money.

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