Combined Heat and Power, otherwise known as cogeneration or CHP, generates on-site heat and electricity simultaneously for businesses with high energy consumption, hence the growing popularity of this technology in line with the UK governments goal to reach net-zero by 2050. Besides its positive environmental impact, a CHP solution drives remarkable energy efficiencies, reducing energy bills and transmission/distribution losses which proves that an investment in a CHP unit is a fantastic option for businesses to consider as we transition to a low or no carbon nation.

All You Need To Know About Our Combined Heat And Power (CHP)

Ampower now offers CHP plants ranging from 54kw upwards depending on your requirement and have partnered with a manufacturer who has vast experience and speciality in the manufacturing and maintenance of the engines. This would be ideal for businesses in hospitality, leisure and commercial sectors to exploit its long term financial and environmental benefits. Our CHP units come with or without a container based on your preference, and we can also provide funding for businesses who would like to benefit from this technology without having to spend money on acquiring this asset.

How Does A CHP Work?

A CHP engine captures heat that would otherwise be wasted when generating an abundance of intermittent power and then making use of it in providing hot water, space heating, cooling or industrial processes in your facility. You can achieve this by installing a CHP engine on your site to capture the excess heat produced; this could be seen as a simple way of lowering energy prices.

We are helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint through this technology, and you can start saving as soon as we get your CHP plant installed.

Why Should I Be Interested In A CHP?

  • Reduces your sites energy costs
  • Stabilises energy costs over a period of time
  • Acts as a backup generator
  • Back-up heat supply
  • Reduces grid dependency
  • Reduces your carbon emission

CHP Illustration

Is CHP Really Efficient?

By generating heat and power simultaneously, CHP can reduce carbon emissions by up to 30% compared to energy from a conventional boiler or power station, powered by natural gas, which is a highly efficient source of energy. It captures and utilises the heat that is a by-product of the electricity generation process, reducing your actual energy cost and grid dependency.

How Much Does A CHP Cost?

We have a vast range of CHP engines from 54kw and above with prices starting from £100,000 for a turnkey project depending on your requirements, but don’t worry we have funding options to suit any financial situation.

I Want A CHP But It Is Quite Expensive

If you fall into this category, not to worry, we have you covered. We have various funding options available for our customers, and we also manage the operation, maintenance and performance of the CHP unit after installation through our installers, so no cost to you. You get to enjoy the benefits of having a CHP without having to pay for the engine or the installation making your CHP experience more fulfilling, you would only have to pay for the energy you consume from the unit – how good is that!

Is my Business Eligible For A CHP?

Wherever heat is required for either industrial processing and/or public supply, CHP plants can deliver energy cost/carbon savings and rapid return on investment. It is suitable for most industries, including but not limited to Manufacturing, Agriculture, Food processing, Food waste, Packaging, Distilleries, Educational Institutions, Healthcare Institutions, Hotels, Residential buildings, amongst others.
CHP Plants

What Do I Need To Get A CHP Installed?

Before a CHP unit can be correctly sized and the associated savings accurately calculated, the appropriate site data needs to be collected and validated. We will need to know if your site has access to natural gas, your operational hours per year/heat demand, energy used or planned so we can determine the correct CHP size.

Can This Technology Help Save The Environment?

Absolutely! CHP plays a significant role in decarbonising heat, and the UK government has shown interest in promoting the benefits of CHP as an important technology to drive the low to no carbon mission by introducing an initiative from the Department for Business, Energy and Industry Strategy (BEIS) that supports the development of this technology in the UK. So, let us save the environment together while also saving on your energy bills.

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