As part of our 2020 goal as a business, we wanted to work closely with our local community, and what better way than to get involved in MK SNAP.

Why We Partnered With MK SNAP

MK SNAP is a charity we hold very close to our hearts here at Ampower, and have been looking forward to working with for some time. Our partnership involves Ampower providing creative sessions where learners can understand why energy is so important, as well as how it benefits the world. We will also be providing ongoing support for their community groups, allowing the charity to develop and grow.



Established in 1992, MK SNAP has been providing adults with special needs within the local community a place to comfortably learn new skills with a team of 24 qualified, fun and energetic support workers as well as volunteers and family members. Many of the learners from MK SNAP go on to work with various local organisations and companies that offer specialist support. MK SNAP has been awarded as an exceptional local charity that provides adults with learning disabilities lessons and activities in life skills, education and work training.

The workers and volunteers at MK SNAP engage with learners to gather a better understanding of their specific needs, encouraging them to connect with others through interesting subjects and courses suited to them. Skills are developed through various experiences such as customer service through their onsite Cafe, money skills, and how to work as a team.

The Cafe plays an integral role within the charity and is open to the general public on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. It’s run by several learners along with side assistance, and provides fantastic opportunities in the world of work. Not only does it allow the learners to socialise, but they can also build upon their work experience and confidence. Where possible, a large portion of the food comes from the allotment within the facilities and is all grown by the gardening and horticultural team.

Everyone at MK SNAP is unique and talented, and the staff work hard to encourage learners to let their personality and beauty shine by building on their radiance. Personalised programmes are developed to inspire them to become ambitions, determines and independent.

assisted swimming

How You Can Get Involved

There are an abundance of ways that you can also get involved with the amazing work that this charity has done. As a local community, they desperately need volunteers to lend a helping hand to provide support to learners during various different sessions, activities and events. If you would like to spend some time with some of the wonderful people found at MK SNAP, following this link and get started!

MK SNAP runs on the donations of the local community to provide outstanding and exceptional classes and activities. Every penny counts, and donations are a big part of running the charity, helping to find learners work placements, build confidence and enhance social life outside fo MK SNAP. If you do not have time to volunteer, then donating would be just as helpful! You can donate by following this link to the MK SNAP website.

Fundraising is a fun way of making a charitable donation to MK SNAP, and can be achieved in multiple ways. Various fundraising ideas include cake sales, taking part in marathons or doing something silly to attract attention. with the donations made, MK SNAP is able to provide learners with the following support:

  • Health and wellbeing programmes
  • Building computer skills
  • Performing art programmes
  • Fitness and relaxation sessions
  • Essential life skills
  • Work training and placement opportunities
  • Support in applying for jobs

You can start fundraising by going to the MK SNAP Fundraising page.

Watch This Space

Ampower is excited to be working with MK SNAP and will be keeping you regularly updated with all of the fun between learners and our staff!

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