Renewable energy is generated from a variety of natural processes that naturally replenish. These natural resources include sunlight, wind, tides, water, geothermal heat and other forms of biomass. This energy is excellent for the environment and is becoming ever more popular. Fossil fuels are widely used in the energy industry to provide both electricity and heat for homes, offices and other buildings. This form of energy is non-renewable meaning it’s drawn from finite resources that will eventually run out. It’s more important than ever that we look into renewable energy, so we’re going to tell you the advantages of renewable energy.

What are the advantages of renewable energy?

First of all, we’re going to discuss the different forms of renewable energy and how they can benefit the environment. Renewable energy has a substantial environmental benefit; the technologies used are clean sources of energy that have a lower environmental impact than conventional technologies. We are also helping future generations, as it will never run out due to naturally replenishing. A lot of countries depend on other international imports of oil supplies so not only are the country they made in using them, but other countries are also using this fossil fuel. Renewable energy prevents this dependency on other countries and even adds to national economies that provide it.

Forms of renewable energy

The sun

The sun provides a large amount of renewable energy whether this is directly or indirectly. Sunlight or solar energy has a variety of features and can be used heating and lighting, generating electricity, hot water, solar cooling across homes, commercial property and for industrial use. Solar energy is great for homes, it may be expensive at first, but you soon reap the benefits of solar energy. Morgans solar specialise in the installation of solar PV systems which are cost effective and reliable.


The suns heat also drives wind, which is caught through wind turbines. Wind turbines are mounted high up to capture the most energy available. Harnessing wind is one of the cleanest most sustainable ways to create electricity.

Wind Farm

Hydroelectric power

The sun also creates the flow of rain and snow this is then caught by hydroelectric power. This also works exceptionally well when implemented into dams; they can produce vast amounts of energy. Dams are used for a variety of different reasons such as agricultural irrigations, flood control and recreation. The water that flows through them is significantly powerful due to the pressure build up behind the dam.

Geothermal energy

High-temperature geothermal energy is from thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth, this energy determines the temperature of matter. The earth’s core is extremely hot, and the pressure of this high temperature can cause the rock to melt within it, this is commonly known as Magma. The Magma then heats rock and water from the earth’s crust, which can widely be used to create electricity.


Biomass is matter derived from living or recently living organisms; it most often plants based. Biomass can be used in one of two ways, combustion is the process used to create heat, or it can be converted into various forms of biofuel. One of the most significant biomass energy sources is wood. However, biomass also includes plant or animal that can be converted into fibres. Another benefit of biomass is it has multiple uses and can be used to make methane gas or transportation fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel.

Renewable Energy


Multiple forms

As previously discussed multiple renewable energy sources can now be used. These energy sources are now virtually limitless unlike fossil fuels, which are a finite resource.

Green energy

Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy sources have a very low impact on the environment. Most renewable energies are actually positively environmentally friendly.

Energy independence

Many countries now rely on others to create forms of energy for them. Renewable energy allows lots of nations to become more independent, therefor allowing them to control their pricing and availability. It also helps bring more money into the country boosting the economy.


Due to renewable energy resources naturally replenishing the power generated is stable and usable. Additionally, they will create more economic stability, they are cheap to produce already, but we will soon see a reduction in the cost of manufacturing this energy, as the cost of technology will decrease.

Global warming

Human activity is continuously affecting the earth’s atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other carbon emissions, which trap heat, which can have a significant impact on not only the environment but also human health. You can read more about the UK climate change goal for 2050 at

Integrated into daily life

Renewable energy can be implemented into everyday life. Solar panels can be installed on to the roof of homes and commercial buildings. Wind farms can also be applied to coastal lines that are not used regularly.

Solar Panels

Less maintenance

The facilities used for renewable energy need less maintenance. Due to the production process, it means there is less likelihood of wastage product.

Save money

Whilst initial construction and installation is of high cost the set up of a renewable power source is covered as it begins to repay itself over time.

Save Money


As non-renewable energy sources start to run out, the world is now starting to see the effects of climate change and the impacts fossil fuels have on the environment. Therefore its imperative we change from fossil fuels to more renewable resources to benefit our future generations. We will also see the health impacts climate change will have on the world, as the atmosphere starts to build up to harmful gas it prevents the heat from earth escaping. Creating a multitude of health issues as bugs and bacteria cultivate in warmer climates.

Renewable energy is excellent for country independence; countries are not reliant on others to provide them with energy. This also works when it comes to households if you are to use solar panels in your home and do not use all the energy created by them, this energy goes back to the energy company, and you might find that they have to repay you for it. Finally by opting for green renewable energy sources will help reduce the cost of your electricity supply for your home.

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