One of the greatest feelings is knowing you have saved money by switching energy plans. Not everyone will want to spend the money saved, but here we tell you ten different ways you can spend the money you save by switching providers.

Check out these top ten ways to spend the money you saved on switching energy plans

There are so many different ways you can spend the money you saved by switching energy providers. Whether it’s taking a trip away or putting money in the bank, it is technically money you did not have.

1. A Weekend Away

It might be abroad or here in the UK but a well-earned break is sometimes needed and what better way than to spend the money you saved by switching. A study conducted by Hampton by Hilton showed that 32% of people felt refreshed and raring to go after a short break which is fairly similar to the 33% who said the same about a long break. So why not take loads of short breaks throughout the year. Holiday or getaways are essential to maintaining good health. A lot of us live hectic lives trying to balance work and general life. So it actually might be easier to fit in a short break rather than a long one.

2. Coffee with Friends

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee, so why not treat a friend, on average you could have two luxury coffee and cake a month. It’s a great way to catch up with friends as well as relaxing in a comfortable space. Most coffee shops also hold a loyalty card scheme, which means a couple of coffees down the line and you will get another free one.

coffee with friends

3. Hair Cuts

Have you been dying to try out a new hairstyle but keep putting it off? Why not consider spending the money you save on a new hairdo. It will feel like such a treat; nothing feels better than spending money you didn’t have which might encourage you to go for a new hairstyle and try something completely new.

4. A Rainy Day

You do not always have to spend the money instantly, you might find that by saving the money in a bank account you accumulate interest which can add to your saving. You never know when something might go wrong in the home so it might be a good idea to put a little money aside. You may also find that you want to purchase something new for your home, so by having that bit of money saved away, it allows you to.

5. Charity

Giving money to charity is an amazing thing to do, especially if its money you did not know you had. By giving money to a charity, you are giving back to the community as well as helping someone who may need a helping hand. We love giving to charity here are Ampower!

There are so many different charities out there to choose from such as local, national and global. Here are a few you can take a look at Macmillan, Toybox, AgeUK and Teenage Cancer Trust.

donating money

6. Holidays

Holidays are a great way to escape with the family, while the money you save on your energy plan may not cover the cost of the holiday why not consider it as spending money. It will allow you to carry out a range of activities and maybe take you and your family for a nice meal. Spending time with the family is essential to our health and well being so what better way to enjoy yourself!

7. Meals

If you have a big family birthday coming up why not spend the money taking everyone out for a luxurious meal. This means you can give them the birthday they deserve. Alternatively, with the money you save you could take yourself and your partner to a range of restaurants throughout the year trying a variety of cuisines.

couple out for a meal

8. Gardening

Planting is extremely therapeutic so why not purchase gorgeous plants to fill the garden. Not only are you making your garden look pretty, you are also helping the environment by planting new plants. It is also a great way of helping outdoor habitats thrive.

9. Activities

It may not always be possible to put our kids through all the activities they would like to take part in. But with the saving you make, you may be able to let them do the gymnastic or horse riding lessons they have always wanted to do.

10. Wedding

Are you getting married in the near future? You could put the money you save toward your wedding pot. There are so many aspects of a wedding you have to think about, so why not put the money towards your wedding dress, catering or even the car you’ve dreamt of arriving in.

women in wedding dress


Switching your energy providers has become a lot easier than it used to be. We always recommend taking a look around before sticking with one provider, by doing so you can get the same energy plan but at a cheaper rate.

The size of your house and how many people reside within the property may have an effect on the price of your home energy plans. If you are going to be moving into a more substantial property, it is always wise to check who your energy provider is, just because the previous owners went with one energy supplier does not mean you have to as well. We always recommend asking neighbours about their energy plans to see who they are with. It can sometimes give you a good indication of who to go with and what price to look for.

Alternatively, you can look at comparison sites or contact the energy providers directly to receive a quote. By doing so, you can compare each plan like for like along with the price comparison. We usually recommend ringing energy providers and doing research about them as not all energy providers will be on comparison sites.

Here at Ampower, one of our main aims is to help our customers save money, so if you have switched to us and have saved money why not share what you spent it on over on our Facebook page.

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