Moving In With Ampower

Ampower is pleased to welcome you to your new home supplied with renewable and cost-effective energy solutions. Please fill in the form below, and our team will create a bespoke solution for your new home.

Moving In & Saying Goodbye

Please feel free to contact the team to discuss your energy options before filling out the form below. If it’s time to say goodbye, then we are sad to see you go but wish you all the best.

Couple Moving Houses

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving home can be stressful, but take the stress out of finding an energy supplier by using the existing supply provided by Ampower. Below are a set of questions to help you make an informed decision, but if you need to know more, our team are just a phone call away!

Helpful Resources

Ampower is not just a great source of energy, but also information! We have a range of articles to help you make a greener home along with money-saving tips. Take a look at some of our advice and guidance on home energy plans below.