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Here at Ampower our mission is to help our customers save as much as possible, and that goes for businesses too. Our experts will work with you to discuss your existing supply and requirement. We create fixed-price quotes to help you consume only what you need. Every business quote that we produce is bespoke, so helps you can start saving money. We know every penny saved could be what makes the world of difference – if we can help you achieve your business goals, then we’re happy.

Electricity for Businesses

Electricity for Businesses

Our energy experts will devise a fixed price plan that is customised to your energy consumption pattern. This is unique for your business. Request a free quote today.

Gas for Businesses

Gas for Businesses

Similar to Electricity our Gas plans are customised to your requirements. Please speak to our Gas expert about your requirements and we will create a quote which is guaranteed to save you money.

We’ll create an affordable business plan to meet all of your needs

Ampower is one of the fastest growing business energy suppliers in the UK, working closely with SME’s and large organisations to help them get the best rate possible. Our energy experts will create a fixed price business plan using options for renewable energy sources that can save you as much as £250* a year.

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