About Our Renewable Energy

New ambitions regarding the carbon reduction and the promotion of renewable energy in United Kingdom and more broadly in European Union has increased the interest of stakeholders in being green and growing the renewable energy market.

Therefore, by proposing green energy option to its customers, Ampower would like to play a decisive role in promoting the green transformation in our supply business.

Going forward our plan is to have more PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) done with green generators so that we can supply as much of Green Energy possible in our portfolio.

We would like to provide 100% Green Energy sourced from following Generators.

Electricity Gas
Wind power – offshore and onshore Biogas plant: anaerobic digestion
Solar power Biomass plant
Hydropower Biomethane plant
Ocean wave, tidal power
Some bioenery sources too

If you are a green energy generator and you are interested in selling your power to us, we will be happy to discuss with you. Get in touch with us on: greenppa@ampoweruk.com.

Ampower Fuel Mix Disclosure Label

Ampower Fuel Mix Disclosure Label

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