Ampower is delighted to be taking part in the Milton Keynes Midnight Moo on 13 July 2019. The charity event starts at midnight and takes a popular 10-mile walk across Milton Keynes.

Willen Hospice

The charity event is hosted by Willen Hospice, one that is not only close to our business but also close to our hearts. All of the staff work around the clock to provide patients with outstanding specialist care.

willen hospice

For the hospice to be able to provide care to patients, it roughly needs to raise around £9 every minute. The annual cost to run the hospice is over £5million, and the NHS can fund only approximately 22% of that. So, as a charity, they rely heavily on the support of the local community, which is why events such as the midnight moo are huge not only across Milton Keynes but also across the region. If you would like to know more about Willen Hospice take a look at their Charity Page.

Our Just Giving Page

If you would like to help the Ampower team raise money for Willen Hospice, check out our Just Giving Page.

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