The earth is currently facing a lot of changes to the environment, many of us in the UK are currently experiencing one of the most extended heatwaves we have had in years, but what environmental issues is this now causing? What we do has a lot to do with impacts on the environment as well as climate change.

What are the top environmental issues of today?

Unfortunately, over the past decade, climate changes have become a topic on the minds of most people in the energy industry. If you look at the planet we live in there are constant changes and issues that need to be brung to our attention.

Air pollution

Industrial fumes, as well as engine vehicle fumes, release some of the most obnoxious toxins into the atmosphere. Air pollution has a dramatic effect on the environment in the way of greenhouse gases. The greenhouse effect essentially builds a wall around the world’s atmosphere allowing UV rays in, these UV rays heat up the planet but then cannot escape through the shield.

The equilibrium of incoming and outgoing radiation provides the world with a safe, habitable climate. However, with greenhouse gases, we are trapping the outgoing which is therefore heating the earth at an alarming rate.

Fossil fuels can often be to blame for the increase in air pollution which is why it is so vital for energy providers to now consider using renewable energy such as wind power, solar panels, hydroelectric and geothermal.

air pollution

Water pollution

Clean drinking water has become a real issue over the past couple of decades; there have been wars caused by the lack of clean water. Water in less economically developed countries is now turning into more of a monetary and political concern as the population grows. Both industrial and agricultural activities pollute the water, from wastewater entering drinking water and pesticides becoming more frequent the lack of clean water is a real issue.

water pollution


What many people do not know is woodlands help manage the temperature as well as precipitation. Forests also produce vast amounts of oxygen, for example, 20% of the world’s oxygen comes from the Amazon rainforest. While wood is a renewable source of energy what companies are not doing is replanting trees in replacement of those that they have taken. Find out more about the rainforest by taking a look at Rain-Tree.

Wooded areas are now more at risk as the population starts to grow, people are looking for places to build homes, and others are looking for places to find materials. Deforestation is an issue that we should all be aware; it is happening at an alarming rate and not enough businesses are doing enough about it.


Natural resource depletion

Fossil fuels which are non-renewable resources are finite which is likely to run out at some point. Consumption of fossil fuels is constantly on the rise, and it is now more important than ever for the energy industry to think about using renewable resources.

There are 7 billion people in the world who need energy for their every day lives. Here at Ampower part of our fuel mix is from renewable energy; we are working towards becoming more environmentally friendly and green.

Acid rain

Acid rain is formed when a mixture of deposited material contains more than usual amounts of nitric and sulfuric acid. It essentially comes from pollution, this pollutions comes from cars and a range of industrial processes.

There are two different forms of acid rain or deposition, wet and dry. Wet deposition is acid that is collected in the atmosphere and then hits the earth’s surface in the form of rain, snow, sleet or even fog. When the acid rain flows through the ground, it can damage and affect a large number of plant life, animals and even sea life. Dry deposition is where the acid reaches dry weather and forms in smoke or dust. The acid then sits on cars, trees and buildings which can be damaging and excel the process of corrosion and deterioration.

Explosive population growth

The population has grown to whopping 7 billion and is most likely going to increase over the coming years. However, while we often open our arms to the newcomers, we want them to be able to live in a safe place. Therefore, it is vital we teach new generations about climate change and the effect it will have on their futures. Not only could their energy consumption increase carbon emissions but it will also deplete their food supplies as plants cannot grow in the warmer climates.


Energy consumption

In the UK alone energy consumption has increased by 1.6% in over a year. The domestic sector saw a much bigger increase in comparison to the industry sector. It could widely be down to the extreme weather we have been experiencing over the past couple of years such as snow and heatwaves.

Energy is produced at such a high rate from fossil fuels but is not always consumed at the same rate. Check with your energy provider to see if their electricity plans for homes are based on individual energy consumption or on a fixed usage policy. If you are paying for just your energy consumption, you may be more inclined to reduce it.

energy consumption


While health is not directly linked to the environment the climate change certain impacts on the human race. The risk of having a form of cancer or a tumour is now much higher than it once was, and many believe this is primarily down to the causes of climate change such as pollution. The greenhouse effect will have a significant impact on those who already have asthma and other breathing problems, as the reduced oxygen in the air and increased C02 emissions make it harder for them to breathe.

ice cliamte change

Climate change

Climate change is a serious matter and shouldn’t be forgotten about. The world takes a lot from those who inhabit it. Even if the world was to warm by 2°C there could be catastrophic consequences. This is why it is essential everyone tries to reduce their carbon footprint and the amount of energy they consume. You can follow our Energy Saving Tip For Summer for our top tips on how to reduce your energy consumption over the summer.

By following energy saving tips, it means we can do our bit to stop the environmental impacts discussed throughout this article. To help with pollution why not think about using an electric car rather than a diesel one. For deforestation, do your bit by planting trees or plants in your garden or land. Look for gadgets, home devices and appliances that use renewable energy, we recently took a look at solar powered gadgets which can assist your day to day lives.

Let us know how you plan on reducing your energy consumption so we can share your top tips!

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